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BLOG » PURSANG Motorcycles begins manufacturing its first electric motorcycle
29 October 2020
PURSANG Motorcycles begins manufacturing its first electric motorcycle
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The company, founded by engineer and designer Jim Palau-Ribes, begins marketing the first 24 units of the E-Track model this autumn and plans to produce 400 more units in 2021
PURSANG Motorcycles begins manufacturing its first electric motorcycle


  • PURSANG Motorcycles is one of the 40 companies incubated so far at the 3D Factory Incubator
  • Various parts of the motorcycle, such as the windshield bracket and cable box, have been printed at the 3D Factory Incubator

The new electric motorcycle manufacturer PURSANG has announced the launch of its first 100% electric Spanish-made model. This is the PURSANG E-Track, a new concept of electric motorbike, whose first 24 units will be ready in December.

The PURSANG E-Track is the result of two years' work by Jim Palau-Ribes and his team, and of the vision that led him to see a future of electric mobility under increasingly stringent legislation regarding emissions and noise.

Various parts of the motorcycle have been printed using 3D technology, such as the windshield bracket, the cable box, the headlight bracket and the motor insulator bearings. These pieces have been made at the 3D Factory Incubator in Barcelona's Zona Franca, a pioneer within Europe. It has one of Europe's most comprehensive high-tech 3D printing laboratories, with six different 3D printing technologies, both industrial and small format, which make up a total of eight units. The laboratory also has a variety of design and post-processing equipment: a sandblasting machine, a polishing machine and equipment for metrology and quality control of parts. 

Traditionally, the location of the majority of motorcycle manufacturers has been concentrated in Catalonia, but a growing number have relocated their production for cost reasons. There is an increasing number of manufacturers that have at least one electric model in their catalogue, and there are other companies such as PURSANG Motorcycles which are native to electric motoring. Sustainable mobility is an increasingly evident reality in an environmentally conscious society. The 3D Factory Incubator provides this emerging talent with the necessary support to boost businesses, not only through access to spaces and professional advice, but also through access to the latest technology in 3D printing and post-processing on the market.

PURSANG Motorcycles is one of the 40 incubated companies which have thus far passed through the 3D Factory Incubator, which aims to reach 100 companies in its first 5 years of activity. Currently, the call to present projects related to 3D printing remains open via the website dfactorybcn.org.

El Consorci de Zona Franca de Barcelona Fundación LEITAT

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